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Humpdays 29 by andrewr255 Humpdays 29 :iconandrewr255:andrewr255 261 63 Lilith Commission by Bambs79 Lilith Commission :iconbambs79:Bambs79 362 82
She's So Scary:Dominant Tifa X male Reader
An: This was a Request.....ENJOY!^-^
You were hanging around in midgar with cloud and the gang but you were mainly with tifa,you and her were dating after a little mess that happend but yoy took care of it since cloud wasn't around.
"I need to go...."
"Oh okay see ya cloud...."
"yeah...see yeah (Y/N)...and...good luck..."he said making you flinch and relize if cloud wasn't here you'd be dead.
too late he closes the door while dashing to his motorcycle and driving away as fast as he could.
"Oh (Y/N)....washing the dishes were tiring....and since the kiddies are asleep...."
she stopped and picked you up and put you over her shoulder with her eyes filled with lust.
"We might as well have some fun~"
"....yes tifa....."
Let's just say you had quite alot of fun and tifa had alot of fun playing with your 'Buster sword' ^-^'.
Eventually you woke up with tifa lying on your chest and both of you were half naked,you tried getting uo but she pulled you back down.
"Where are
:iconmunchingpotatoes:MunchingPotatoes 119 612
CheaterTracerxMaleReader - Hero? or Villian?

A/N: Just a heads up i will wait for a little while to see the comments and see if you guys want the Reader (You) to turn either a Hero or a villain following the events of the Fic, also maybe if this end up been a good read for you guys i will see if i make different endings (i love and i am a fan of many different endings), you wiled dual revolvers and your mentor
was Jack (Soldier 76),Your alias beside your name is (Desperado) if like it leave a fav or a comment it's well revived.
The fall of overwatch, who could forget that day? your family was destroyed and everyone including you tough it was gone for sure but thankfully Winston a good friend of you made sure to let you know a lot of the former colleges and friends were alive safe and sound, that's when everything started to happen, you met y
:iconyoos2210:Yoos2210 68 74
UndyneXMaleReader - Tough Love

A/N: This takes place before the events of undertale, You are the same race as Undyne and can wiled magic like any monster does or most of them does, if you like this please leave a comment i appreciate it more than a favorite and tell me if you guys like to see more fics like this. Sorry for any typos.
DISCLAIMER i don't own The characters they blong to toby Fox
The pic is not mine as well,only the story
Life in the underground was always tough, but people always made the best of it the King Asgore was very kind but everybody hated that plan he made instead of taking freedom for the people that always supported him, the one has ever heard of the queen since she left, you used to live near the ruins which is why you always used to be alone, as most of the monsters in the underground you had enough of wai
:iconyoos2210:Yoos2210 91 37
JasperXMaleReader - Beauty and the gem?

A/N: well since jasper doesn’t come that often in the series i did what i could sorry if it's short guys, also sorry for any typos I’m not very fond of fixing them, if you like it and will like to see more of my work please tell me about it in the comments, sometimes when you guys request i take some time is because i have to find a story i like for the reader and the request once more sorry if i take so long, Jasper deserves some love guys maybe in the future i will do one for pearl, amethyst and lapis.
After what it seems to be weeks of never ending school you had managed to finally get safety to vacations without you failing in all of your subjects but instead barely getting a pass mark, this did not matter for you as long as you were happy playing and having fun most of the time you were a happy and
:iconyoos2210:Yoos2210 80 32
FemMettatonXMaleReader - My star

A/N: One more for the undertale fandom as this is one of the best games i had played out there, this time you and fem mettaton since we all know she or he is Fabulous in all the ways,once more please leave a comment if you like this, other ideas you have are welcome as well, this takes place after the events of the game of course.
You always were a fan of Mettaton work ever since you knew her, you understood monster now were a part of the everyday life an you even had monster friends and that did not changed your life for the worse instead for the better, the biggest star on the T.V right now was a female humanoid robot Named Mettaton she had everything you could ask for and even more, you always wished to meet her but you knew you and her were world apart from each other and even at some point you understood the f
:iconyoos2210:Yoos2210 72 16
StarFireXMaleReader-Maybe you were the one instead

A/N: Ok guys, here is one i suddenly started to write out of nowhere, i don’t know if it it's good but you guys will decide, i tough about making a series with much more drama about you guys been a new addition to the teen titans and Starfire falling in love while been heartbroken by robin but i guess this is what i got instead, also sorry for any typos if you guys like it leave me a comment please, i still think this story was more like a slow poem than a Fiction but still enjoy.
Have you ever tough about love? Yes love, everyone in this world or most of them are searching for this, is it valuable? Of course, it beats any other Currency or cute stone out there, why? well my friend Love is something that when you have it, it's hard to let go something that people search all their live and only few manage to f
:iconyoos2210:Yoos2210 80 30
Jasper x Reader- My Housemate the Gem
You groaned and began to pull off the three dozen posters advertising Ronaldo’s blog that decorated your shop windows. Sure, you loved your crazy best friend (who still acted like a child besides being sixteen), but you had never given him permission to break into your shop in the middle of the night and put posters everywhere. Damn his crazy obsession with weird and wonderful paranormal activities. You thought he would finally give up his addiction when he discovered that everything weird that happened in Beach City was due to the Crystal Gems but noooooooo. He got even MORE addicted.
“I get he enjoys learning and discovering about the gems but does he have to destroy every one of my window displays with posters?” You groaned and pulled the remaining few posters off, stacking them in a neat pile on your counter with the blue-tac in a clump to the side. Maybe if you left one of his fliers on your notice board, maybe Ronaldo
:iconmiss-fluff-queen:Miss-Fluff-Queen 273 67
Wonder Day. Wonder Woman X Reader
I'm trying to switch it up a bit with my stories
“And does that answer your question Mark” you asked after showing him a bunch of stuff on the board behind you, Mark along with all the other students in your class at Harvard, in your class for the field of chemistry and biology were taking notes.
“Yes Mr. (L/N) thank you” said Mark still writing notes, you looked at your watch
“Alright if there are no more questions I believe that class is about to end” you say and then the bell rings and the class starts to pack up and leave. “Leave your worksheets on my desk thank you and have a good weekend guys and girls” you say as they leave.
They all place their worksheets on your desk and leave one by one, soon there’s only one left, a girl with short blond hair and a flirtatious smile, she placed her sheet on your desk and leaned on your desk showing her bust off.
“Here you go Mr. (L/N),
:iconboopydoopy111:Boopydoopy111 55 11
Raven x Male!Reader It's The Thought That Counts
(Y/N) could see how uncomfortable Raven looked the minute he set his eyes upon her. The cloak tugged over her shoulders and the hood pushed past her forehead made her the most suspicious looking person in the room. The people passing by could not help but glance at her strangely before shrugging it off as something normal. Besides that, Raven had the potential to knock everyone in the room unconscious is she wanted, so (Y/N) was sure that she could take care of herself. Yes, he was sure she could take care of herself, but that didn't mean he wouldn't step up for her when someone was bothering her. 
Like now, for instance.
He was a muscular figure, probably a jock from a high-school somewhere nearby, with a dark shade of brown hair. He wore a white muscle tank-top and had a face that made (Y/N) want to punch his fist right into it and break his nose. Even now he could feel the dark arts stirring in his blood, itching to get out, and potentially destroy the punk. However, he had put
:iconmarilsan:marilsan 78 10
The bedroom
Yandere Ukraine x Male Reader
PLEASE READ | REQUESTS ARE CLOSED | Hello everybody, and thank you for reading my Yandere Ukraine reader-fic. I’m actually new to Deviantart, so I’d like to tell you all a little something about myself and what I like to write.
My strong point is dominant females, however I can also write non-dominant reader-fics.
I DO NOT under any circumstance write ‘LEMONS’.
Hetalia, RWBY, SNK, Avatar: TLOK and TLA, and Creepypasta are what I’m best at writing.
I ONLY write female characters with male characters, because that’s what I’m best at.
Every other month I’ll take a break from writing reader-fics and for that whole month I’ll watch different types of anime so that I can please more fandoms.
And that’s all I think you need to know about me :D I hope you enjoy my writing, and have a nice day now!
P.S. I’m also contemplating making a prequel and/or a sequel to this sto
:iconkingo-2000:KingO-2000 116 38
Mature content
Male Shooter Reader x Yandere-ish Overwatch Girls :iconminecraftfan1971:MinecraftFan1971 54 16
Better Already ~ Starfire x Sick Male Reader
Author's note: This is based off of the Teen Titans comics(pre New 52), also not the TV Show of the same name.
(Y/n)=Your name.
(e/c)=eye colour.
(h/c)=hair colour.
(f/c)=favourite colour.
=== Titans Tower, New York ===
It was just before nine o'clock in the morning on a bright and sunny summer day when the residents of Titan's Tower gathered in the kitchen for breakfast. To no real surprise, the team's leader: Nightwing aka Richard "Dick" Grayson, entered first, swiftly followed by one of his closest friends: Victor Stone, otherwise known as Cyborg.
Soon, the enticing smell of waffles, pancakes, bacon and other breakfast foods drifted down the buildings many hallways, hopefully, it would be enough to bring the rest of the team out of bed. It must have worked too, as, not long afterwards, they were joined by Garfield Logan aka Beast Boy and Rachel Roth aka Raven.
Following soon after were Donna Troy aka Wonder Girl, Wally West also known as Kid Flash and finally the Titan's residen
:iconvanguardoffire:VanguardofFire 125 21
Wonder Woman Nude by elee0228
Mature content
Wonder Woman Nude :iconelee0228:elee0228 317 8
Zarya by elee0228 Zarya :iconelee0228:elee0228 320 10


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