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She-Hulk Seduction by muscle-fan-comics She-Hulk Seduction :iconmuscle-fan-comics:muscle-fan-comics 344 14 She Hulk's Bra by Osmar-Shotgun She Hulk's Bra :iconosmar-shotgun:Osmar-Shotgun 373 14 She Hulk by r2roh She Hulk :iconr2roh:r2roh 323 55 Kale by r2roh Kale :iconr2roh:r2roh 181 33
Salem x Male reader! Nightmare! Part 1
Hello everyone! This is my 800 watcher special! I can't thank all of you enough for the support you have given me! :D
Random man: Look at this freak!
Random woman: Ew!
Random man #2: Sweetie, stay away from that... That thing!
The man pulled his daughter from the sidewalk.
Daughter: But Daddy, he looks ill and hungry.
Random man #2: That is nothing more than a runt... A freak... He's an outcast! And he's not to be meddled with.
The father grabbed his daughters hand, and continued to walk down the street... The little girl waved to you with her other hand as she was being pulled away by her father.  This put the smallest smile on your face...
These are what your days consisted of... You were a homeless Faunus with no family or friends... In fact, you were even cast aside by the
:iconnubsthecaterpie:NubsTheCaterpie 85 97
Here There Be Giants by brokencreation Here There Be Giants :iconbrokencreation:brokencreation 157 48 Soothing the Savage Beast by brokencreation
Mature content
Soothing the Savage Beast :iconbrokencreation:brokencreation 197 41
Elf and Ogre Page 20 by XincBaron Elf and Ogre Page 20 :iconxincbaron:XincBaron 17 2
Passion (Pyrrha X MReader)
AN: Welcome to another Request. Today’s is from BraveVesperia1 and they asked for a Pyrrha, well, here you go. I hope you don’t mind it being a modern AU. ^^
No about you here.
(Your POV)
I sat on the bleachers by the track field, doing homework. It was a nice day, and the girls track was training, now you could call me a huge perv for watching girls running and being sweaty….and maybe I was a bit. But that was only for one girl.
I looked up from my work and smiled as I saw Pyrrha taking a break and talking to some friends. Me and here have been friends since we were little kids. While I was about the average student, Pyrrha was about a league or two better than me. Course, not that it ever stopped me from being her friend…..or from me having a crush on her.
Yes, I have a HUGE crush on Pyrrha. I am just too nervous to tell her. I don&
:icondragonslayerman6:dragonslayerman6 96 32
Zarya by elee0228 Zarya :iconelee0228:elee0228 490 26
Idiot Hero [Male!Reader/Maleficent]
                                                           I've pondered every possible choice, however despair awaited us in all of them.
                                                                                     You gave me such an important lecture;
:iconitsubaru:itsubaru 174 22
My Kylothian Girlfriend chpt. 1
Dustin Kiebler was your average 16 year old high school student who is spending some time at home during the summer. Dustin was someone that most people would consider as anti social aside from a few friends who were avid gamers. He works at a local electronic store as part time job while at other times he can be found at the local animal shelter due to his great passion for animals. He can be seen getting to these places on his gas powered bicycle despite the fact that he has to wear a certified helmet due to state law.
Anyway it is a nice summer evening at the Kiebler house. Dustin's parent's are out of town for a two week business trip, leaving Dustin all by himself, but his parents know that their son is a responsible young adult who can take care of himself. Dustin's parents agreed that over the course of their trip they would give their son some extra money to pay for food or gas, due to the fact that he gets paid every two weeks.
Sitting a
:iconxanderthedragon:XandertheDragon 8 4
Here For You - BrotherReader X SisterPyrrha
Was for a holiday known as Valentine’s Day in a Modern AU. Also trying one with fluff since most of mine have lemons.
(m/n) walked through the household towards the kitchen, yawning. He saw his red-haired sister sitting at the table.
“Good morning!” She said, chewing on some breakfast.
“Morning Pyrrha,” He said back, stretching.
He sat down at the table and rubbed his eyes while she put a plate of bacon and eggs with pancakes and a fork in front of him.
‘I shouldn’t have stayed up to finish that show.’ He thought, taking a piece of bacon.
He got up for the cupboard for a glass and walked to the fridge. He opened the door and grabbed the orange juice and poured some juice into the glass.
“Hey (m/n)?”
He looked up to Pyrrha, who was washing her plate.
“Better eat up. It’s almost time for school.”
“All right.”
He put the orange juice away and carried
:iconfiredragon336:Firedragon336 140 230
Leave Us Alone- CheaterHumanFemFoxy X MaleReader
... I'm bored and I need some cake. Also I hate cheaters and I don't condone it.
(m/n) had loved his wife Foxy for quite a while. They even had children, about 2 to be exact. He noticed a weird sensation in his heart that threw him off guard. He would hear her talking on the phone and saying things like 'Don't worry he doesn't know' and 'I love you too!' Their kids grew more concerned over their dad who knows that their mom is cheating on him. They would hear the front door opening and look from their room to find their mother with another guy. They would tell their father what had happened but he would hide the hurt in his voice as best he could. He grew angry within, knowing that he was used as a front for her. This time he wasn't going out without an argument.
(m/n) was sitting on the couch, reading (favorite/book) while his wife was out doing something. He closed the book and sighed, frustrated. Kit, his 6 year old daughter, walked into the living room, no
:iconfiredragon336:Firedragon336 38 67
LOL elise x male reader
Hey guys! it's me andrew may be thinking "wtf? this another story that you are about to make?"....weeeeelll!.....that's...up to you.....I just wanna say that...I really like league of legends and especially I was searching for a LoL elise x male reader but I found I was like...."I need to make a elise x male reader!"....if you guys want more of league of legends stories please don't be afraid to comment that you want more.
P.S. for those who play LoL then you need to know that elise appearance is her skin blood moon.
enjoy! (I hope you will)
{reader's pov}
I am (y/n) and I live in a nearby village of ionia and I have a house there living alone.But it sometimes feels lonely to be there because it's very quiet and peaceful.I am training on my fighting skills with my teacher yi or as I call him master yi because he is one of th
:iconantreas2121:antreas2121 22 34
SWTOR: Dark Secrets (M!J!Reader x Satele Shan)
Chapter 1: Steps of a Knight
"Concentrate, (F/N). Feel the Force flow through you, clear your mind." (Master Name) Said.
(F/N) was doing a handstand, he levitating the objects around him in the training room, he grunts trying to keep them up.
"I'm....trying, Master." He grunts out in pain.
"Do, or do not. There is no try, my young Padawan." She said.
(F/N) repeats what she said, "Do...or do...not. There is no try."
He takes a deep breath, then exhales, the objects that were levitating are moving around, he stacks the objects on each other, then his Master was slowly getting lifted off the ground.
"Excellent (F/N)! That's it!" She said in joy.
He sets her on the top, she sits down, "Now keep it still."
(F/N) was keeping it still, then the door opens to see Jedi Master Kao Cen Darach, the Zabrak Jedi Male walks in and sees Jedi Master (Master Name) sitting on the objects stacked and (F
:iconendervslender:Endervslender 38 11


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